"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” / Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland/
It was so possible for Affectmedia to create a concept for a weekend brunch campaign that elevates the soul to a higher state of awareness. And it was easy to arrange the scenery and the atmosphere for shooting of an Alice in Wonderland-like breakfast, because Marché Restaurant has it all. Marché is a proposal that would fulfil your day: with the taste of homemade fresh food, the colours of the seasons in the kitchen, the smell of freshly baked artisan bread and even the idea for a walk after dinner in the Sea Garden of Varna. It is an authentic reminder for the times when everything was natural, wonderful and genuine - the tastes, the smells and the relationships as well.

Client: Horizont | Brand: Marche Restaurant
Photography & Post Production: Affectmedia Ltd. 
Art Director: Antonia Koleva | Copywriter: Rayna Serafimova | Producer: Nikolay Milanov
Makeup: Kristina Slavova | Hair: Kina Kudeva, 
Decorator: Juliana Georgieva | Chef & Food Styling: Peter Borakov
Models: Nevena Vodenicharska, Dimiter Prodanov, Rumina Kaloferova, Kristin Ilieva